Led by Mr Crooke

At John Randall Primary School and Nursery, we teach the National Curriculum, supported by a clear skills and knowledge progression guided by Engaging Science by Mary Le Breuilly. Science is taught weekly in the morning and afternoon. This ensures that lessons are thorough, investigative and enjoyable allowing children to have the best possible learning experience.

Science Fair

Year 6 used chromatography to investigate the crime scene and pupils presented their work on bacterial growth around school. Some children had their pulse and oxygen measured as part of an experiment looking at exercise and Year 1 children measured footprintes at a crime scene to try and catch a thief. The week long event was finished with a Science lead from a local secondary school visiting us. While she looked at all the exciting activities we got to test her reflexes in an experiment comparing reflexes to age.

Please find below a selection of pictures from our recent Science fair which was held recently.

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