School Lunch Menu

Monday June 14th

Spanish Omelette (mixed veg and cheese)  served with green salad and minted new  potatoes

Cheese Board and fresh fruit

 Tuesday June 15th

Homemade sausage, bacon, flat mushroom and onion & potato bake or

Quorn sausage, flat mushroom and onion & potato bake

Caramelised fresh pineapple served with coconut sauce

Wednesday June 16th 

Beef Lasagne served with Green Salad or

Mushroom Lasagne served with Green salad

Sticky Toffee Pudding and caramel sauce

 Thursday June 17th

Warm Roasted chicken off the bone Salad or

Warm Roasted Cheese Salad

Fresh Watermelon

 Friday June 18th

Casserole of Cod, red pepper and potatoes or

Casserole of chickpeas, potato and red pepper

Stewed Fruit Crumble and Greek Yoghurt