Year 6

Mrs S Wust

Mrs S Wust


Mrs J Benton

Mrs J Benton

Mrs J Benton

Year 6

Dear John Randall Family,

With school re-opening, our home learning tasks will now be updated daily to run in conjunction with the Year 6 class offer.  Please check this page or Seesaw for the daily learning activities.

Please continue to use Seesaw to post comments, pictures and videos regularly about the daily work you’ve produced.

If you need to contact me for advice or support please contact me via email or Seesaw.

Please stay safe and take care,

Mrs Wust


Year 6 Home Learning Tasks

Friday 17.07.2020 click here: Y6 Friday 17.07.2020

Thursday 16.07.2020 click here: Y6 Thursday 16.07.2020

Wednesday 15.07.2020 click here: Y6 Wednesday 15.07.2020

Tuesday 14.07.2020 click here: Y6 Tuesday 14.07.2020

Monday 13.07.2020 click here: Y6 Monday 13.07.2020new

Friday 10.07.2020 click here: Y6 Friday 10.07.2020

Thursday 09.07.2020 click here: Y6 Thursday 09.07.2020

Wednesday 08.07.2020 click here: Y6 Wednesday 08.07.2020

Tuesday 07.07.2020 click here: Y6 Tuesday 07.07.2020

Monday 06.07.2020 click here: Y6 Monday 06.07.2020 new

Friday 03.07.2020 click here: Y6 Friday 03.07.2020

Thursday 02.07.2020 click here: Y6 Thursday 02.07.2020

Wednesday 01.07.2020 click here: Y6 Wednesday 01.07.2020 new

Tuesday 30.06.2020 click here: Y6 Tuesday 30.06.2020

Monday 29.06.2020 click here: Y6 Monday 29.06.2020

Friday 26.06.2020 click here: Y6 Friday 26.06.2020

Thursday 25.06.2020 click here: Y6 Thursday 25.06.2020

Wednesday 24.06.2020 click here: Y6 Wednesday 24.06.2020

Tuesday 23.06.2020 click here: Y6 Tuesday 23.06.2020 new

Monday here: Y6 Monday 22.06.2020

Friday 19.06.2020 click here: Y6 Friday 19.06.2020

Thursday 18.06.2020 click here: Y6 Thursday 18.06.2020

Wednesday 17.06.2020 click here: Y6 Wednesday 17.06.2020

Tuesday 16.06.2020 click here: Y6 Tuesday 16.06.2020

Monday 15.06.2020 click here: Y6 Monday 15.06.2020

Friday 12.06.2020 click here: Y6 Friday 12.06.2020

Thursday 11.06.2020 click here: Y6 Thursday 11.06.2020

Wednesday 10.06.2020 click here: Y6 Wednesday 10.06.2020

Tuesday 09.06.2020 click here Y6 09.06.2020

Monday 08.06.2020 click here: Y6 Monday 08.06.2020

Friday 05.06.2020 click here:Y6 Friday 05.06.2020

Thursday 04.06.2020 click here: Y6 Thursday 04.06.2020

Wednesday 03.06.2020 click here: Y6 Wednesday 03.06.2020

Tuesday 02.06.2020 click here: Y6 Tuesday 02.06.2020

Monday 01.06.2020 click here: Y6 Monday 01.06.2020

26.05.2020 click here for half term challenges: Year 6 wk8

18.05.2020 click here: Year 6 wk7

11.05.2020 click here: Year 6 wk6

04.05.2020 click here: Year 6 wk5

27.04.2020 click here: Year 6 wk4

20.04.2020 click here: Year 6 wk3

30.03.2020 click here: Year 6 wk2

23.03.2020 click here:  Year 6 

Reading at Home

Whilst we are currently unable to provide reading books to take home, the reading offer in school is still in place and available for home learners too. Please encourage your child to read as often as possible at home.

Here are some suggestions of how you can help you child with their reading:

-Class reading book given to your child



-Websites (with parental permission)

-Oxford Owls website 



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