Year 3

Miss L Baynham

Miss L Baynham

Year 3 Teacher

Mrs S De Souza-Shah

Mrs S De Souza-Shah


Mrs D Walford

Mrs D Walford

Teaching Assistant

Highlights in Year 3

Commando Joe

Commando Callum has been working with Year 3 this week. The children work on Resilience, Empathy, Self-awareness, Positivity, Excellence, Communication and Teamwork. (RESPECT)


Please find attached the link to enlarge the Summer newsletter.

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Sports Day

Please take a look at our Sports Day video, we have put a selection of pictures up from the day for you to enjoy.

The children worked so hard and were having lots of fun too, we hope you enjoy them.

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Welcome to Year 3!

When the children enter this year in their academic lives, we expect them to be role models not only in their own class but across the wider school community as well.

We have high expectations of them and encourage them to be polite, well-mannered and hard-working inside and outside of school. This way they are always ‘Ready, Respectful and Safe’ aiming to be the best they can be at all times.


If your emotions feel all mixed up or you often have feelings that make you feel bad, talk to a trusted adult – they can help you find the right support. If your worried childline is there to listen:


Every fortnight on a Monday we will upload a Homework presentation on this class page. The presentation will include:

  • Spellings to learn which will be tested on Friday.
  • A times table to learn which will be tested on a Friday.
  • Reading at home to be completed at least three times a week.

Also included on the presentation, will be suggested activities to help your child learn their spellings and times tables as well as links to phonics instructional videos for parents.

Please support your child in completing these homework tasks as best as they can. Many thanks in advance for your support.

Please see daily home learning for spellings and tables.

Homework 16.5.22 – 27.5.22

Homework 2.5.22 – 13.5.22

Homework 4.4.22 – 29.4.22

Homework 21.3.22 – 1.4.22

Homework 7.3.22 – 18.3.22

Homework 14.2.22 – 4.3.22

Homework 31.1.22 – 11.2.22

Homework 17.1.22 – 28.1.22

Homework 5.1.22 – 14.1.22


I am sure you will agree that reading is a vital life skill!

Please can we actively encourage you to read with your child at least three times a week at home. When you have read with your child, please can you make a note of the date, title of the book and make a comment about your child’s reading too. This will help the adults in school maintain a regular dialogue with you about your child’s reading.


I am out on the playground every morning for a quick chat or you can contact me via email:

Archieve – Homework and Home Learning

Homework 6.12.21 – 17.12.21

Homework 22.11.21 – 3.12.21

Homework 8.11.21 – 19.11.21

Homework 18.10.21 – 5.11.21

Homework 4.10.21 – 15.10.21

Homework 20.9.21 – 1.10.21

Homework 7.9.21

Homework 12.7.21

Homework 5.7.21

Homework 28.6.21

Homework 21.6.21

Homework 7.6.21

Homework 24.5.21

Homework 17.5.21

Homework 10.5.21

Homework 4.5.21

Homework 7.12.20

Homework 30.11.20

Homework 23.11.20

Homework 16.11.20

Homework 2.11.20

Covid outbreak

In the event that school or our ‘class bubble’ need to close, we will post daily learning presentations below and on Seesaw to make sure we continue to offer daily learning for the children.

Home Learning 5.3.21

Home Learning 4.3.21

Home Learning 3.3.21

Home Learning 2.3.21

Home Learning 1.3.21

Home Learning 26.2.21

Home Learning 25.2.21         Extreme earth quiz       Volcanoes comprehension

Home Learning 24.2.21

Home Learning 23.2.21

Home Learning 22.2.21

Home Learning 12.2.21

Home Learning 11.2.21

Home Learning 10.2.21

Home Learning 9.2.21

Home Learning 8.2.21     Facts about Greece 8.2.21

Home Learning 5.2.21

Home Learning 4.2.21

Home Learning 3.2.21     3.2.21 Islamic-marriage-powerpoint-

Home Learning 2.2.21

Home Learning 1.2.21

Home Learning 29.1.21

Home Learning 28.1.21

Home Learning 27.1.21

Home Learning 26.1.21

Home Learning 25.1.21

Home Learning 22.1.21

Home Learning 21.1.21

Home Learning 20.1.21

Home Learning 19.1.21

Home Learning 18.1.21   Greek Gods 18.1.21

Home Learning 15.1.21

Home Learning 14.1.21  Why are Greek pots important to historians

Home Learning 13.1.21

Home Learning 12.1.21

Home Learning 11.1.21  Who Were the Ancient Greeks

Home Learning 8.1.21

Home Learning 7.1.21

Home Learning 6.1.21

Home Learning 5.1.21

Home Learning 6.11.20

Home Learning 5.11.20  Fairtrade Chocolate

Home Learning 4.11.20

Home Learning 3.11.20


Prior Learning offer between March-July 2020

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Online safety Click here

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Y3-Lockdown-1 Click here

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Half term Holiday activities click here

Well-being click here 

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The Truth About Trolls Click Here

VE Day Home Learning Click Here

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