Our Safeguarding Children’s Board

Our school children’s safeguarding Board are the Ready Respectful Safe Team.

We support others to feel safe and happy, it gives pupils opportunities to voice opinions , concerns or worries. Our team raises awareness of ways to keep safe at home and in school. Children can talk to us and we work with adults to support them.


Currently, class based activities are taking place following the Jigsaw programme.


GUIDE Young Persons Guide to Keeping Children Safe



Individuals are responsible for their own behaviour choices!…

Children’s views:

The Behaviour Policy helps everyone to know what to expect. It is important to us that John Randall Primary & Nursery School has an excellent reputation and that everyone who attends our school knows how to behave.

As pupils attending our school we feel it is important that we had the opportunity to help compile this child friendly policy because we believe our school is like a family and is very important to us. How we should behave and why is important for all the children attending our school to be able to learn in a calm, friendly and exciting environment without disruption to our education.

We should act positively towards each other offering support not only in our classes but as we move around the school to those who need it. Using acceptable behaviour choices towards each other will create an environment where we are all respected, ready to learn and make safe choices at all times.

We treat all members of staff in a respectful manner.



Acceptable choices used by everyone

Throughout our day in school staff regularly 

remind and show us how we are expected to

behave towards others. This is demonstrated by all members of staff who show positive role modelling towards the pupils, parents, other members of staff and visitors to the school. We all learn that our own behaviour  has an

influence on others therefore by following the school ’s expectations we can make sure our school is a happy friendly environment at all times by :-


 Being Ready Being Respectful  Being Safe

We receive praise and recognition when we have behaved positively and kindly towards our peers and members of staff. We get individual ‘smiley faces’ towards whole class rewards, golden tree, Worker of the week and reading champion recognition, Head Teacher rewards and postcards home. As pupils we are             encouraged to discuss our behaviour or how others have behaved towards us with our class teacher or with another member of staff. We also have the Worry Box where we can write & place a worry or speak to the Inclusion Manger who will meet with us confidentially to provide us with the time to talk freely .


Unacceptable behaviour choices in our school

There are occasions when the choices of behaviour used by others is unacceptable and could be dangerous towards pupils and staff. These types of behaviours include using unkind words that hurt your feelings, being mean or     spiteful, physically hurting other children or staff. 

At John Randall School we understand that adults will make decisions to support us all and our individual needs. Any sanctions will be given in a calm and quiet manner most often away from our peers (privately) giving us time to reflect and modify our thoughts and feelings.

* An adult reminds the pupil of expectations

* Restorative meeting between pupils (supported by an adult)

* Spending time away from the classroom or in another class

* The class teacher meets with  parents

* Referring individuals to a senior member of staff

* There are times when the Head Teacher has to make the unfortunate decision to exclude a pupil due to their behaviour choice.       This decision is not taken lightly and in the        majority of cases it only happens after all other types of support have not had a      continued positive affect.